Frequently asked questions

Do you offer Door/Window Alterations?

Yes we do. We can alter all our doors larger or smaller within structural tolerance, and we also can alter any stained glass panel large or small.

Do you fit/frame the doors?

We send the door/doors out fitting tight in the frame, not hung for your fitter to plane into place, with the recommended industry spacing allowance.

We also can create bespoke frames including fanlights side-panels or Overdoor panels.

How do you alter the size of a door to fit?

The maximum tolerance we allow to reduce the width of any of our doors is 30mm. The Height is by 80mm - this can vary depending on the project. This is achieved by dowling the original tenons of the doors to add strength where reduced.

To enlarge doors, it is normally down to the aesthetics of the door - up to 80mm can be added to the width overall and up to 120mm to the height of the doors - This may also vary. The doors are cut down to a clean edge and then new additions are applied using double biscuit joins and resin bonded glue applied giving the door more strength. The bonded joins are stronger than the door itself.

Can my door be hung the other way?

Absolutely yes! This is accomplished by scarfing into the old lock and hinge intrusions and resin bonded.

The door can come as a blank for your fitter to finish.